"Collaboration has remained an essential component of my professional practice and development in every position I have had, whether it be working with faculty to provide course-related instruction, one-on-one reference consultations with students, or serving on library and campus committees. It has also proven to be foundational to serving the profession. My role as American Library Association (ALA) President in innumerable ways depends on working with members, association staff, and stakeholders whose values support our mission."

Courtney Young, President, American Library Association, 2014-2015

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eISSN: 1943-7528

Vol 6, No 3 (2014): Collaborative Librarianship

Table of Contents


Redefinitions and the Growing Importance of Library Collaboration PDF
Ivan Gaetz 102-103

Scholarly Articles

The Sound of the Crowd: Using Social Media to Develop Best Practices for Open Access Workflows for Academic Libraries Abstract PDF
Jill Emery, Graham Stone 104-111
Low-Hanging Fruit: Leveraging Short-Term Partnerships to Advance Academic Library Outreach Goals Abstract PDF
Erin E. Meyer 112-120

From the Field

Collaboration as a Key Component of Library Servce: A Presidential Perspective Abstract PDF
Courtney Young 121-123
The Blended Desk and its Consequences on Collaboration Abstract PDF
Christopher Magee, Michael Perini 124-129

Viewpoints: Technology Matters

Top Trends and Libraries - 2015 is our Year PDF
Lori Bowen Ayre 130-131


Review of “Using Social Media to Promote International Collaboration” PDF
Alison Hicks 132-133