Table of Contents


Coffee, Condiments and Collaboration PDF
Ivan Gaetz 120-121

Scholarly Articles

Volunteer Voices: Tennessee's Collaborative Digitization Program Abstract PDF
Tiffani R Conner, Ken Middleton, Melanie Feltner-Reichert, Andy Carter 122-132
A Partnership Approach to Multi-Campus Library Services Abstract PDF
Min Tong, Cynthia Kisby 133-144

From the Field

An Iconoclast’s View of Collaboration Abstract PDF
Valerie Horton, Stephen Abram 145-147
NELLCO’s Universal Search Solution : a Report on a NASIG 2009 Conference Session Abstract PDF
Barbara M. Pope 148-150
Tough Economic Times Call for More Library Cooperation: Report on a Wyoming and Colorado Alliance Conference Abstract PDF
Jeffrey Scott Bullington 151-155
About ICOLC and the ICOLC Statement on the Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Consortial Licenses Abstract PDF
Jeffrey Scott Bullington 156-161

Viewpoints: Collaboration Matters

Collaboration the Open Source Way PDF
Nicole C Engard 162-164

Viewpoints: Grey Areas

Open Access, Sustainability and Helping the Kids PDF
Mitchell Davis 165-168


Building Online Content and Community with Drupal PDF
Gabrielle Somnee Wiersma 169-171
Review of Library Technology Reports: Collaboration 2.0 PDF
Alison Hicks 172